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USACO Classes

USACO Classes

USACO stands for the USA Computing Olympiad. In the US, students are eligible to compete in a series of math and science Olympiads that test topics typically well beyond the standard high school curriculum.


USACO stands for the USA Computing Olympiad. In the US, students are eligible to compete in a series of math and science Olympiads that test topics typically well beyond the standard high school curriculum.

The USACO is divided into four divisions: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. There are four online contests per year in December, January, February, and March, where participants download the problems and submit solutions online. Each contest poses three problems that each require a program to be written to compute the correct answer for a collection of test cases. The score for each problem is calculated based on the number of test cases that the program correctly computes within the time and memory bounds allowed. Programming can be done in Python, Java, C++, C, or Pascal.

In this introductory course, you will learn the basics of problem-solving. Our Aim in this Course is to prepare the kid to deal with the Bronze section easily and get promoted to silver level.


This Course Includes


We in Master Ji classes believe that making real life projects is the best way to test your learning. For every course we encourage our students to build projects and enhance their learning experience

1-1 live sessions

1-1 live sessions : Live sessions offer opportunities for interaction between students and with the instructor which in turn proves to be beneficial for better understanding and learning experience

Course Completion Certificate :

After the completion of every level we provide Certificate of completion.

Pre Requisites

Completion of Python Level 4

What is USACO Bronze?

Thus, the bulk of preparation for Bronze is adjusting to the format of USACO-style problems and learning how to tackle and debug problems with mostly brute force or greedy algorithm approaches. Depending on the student, we also spend time on reading comprehension for complex problems and time management for test-taking. Our USACO Bronze course is offered in Python or Java.

Basics of DS and Algorithms

For details check the Level 4 Syllabus. Important Concepts are given below:
Time Complexity
Sets and Maps
Introduction to Greedy Algorithms
Introduction to Graphs
Depth First Search
Tree Algorithms

Who are Master Ji’s Instructors?

Our instructors are subject matter experts from top universities. Instructors are highly-vetted and background checked prior to joining and undergo extensive training before ever teaching on our platform.
With highly qualified, interactive, and experienced faculty, learning becomes engaging and effective. We at MasterJi aspire to take teaching to a new benchmark where skills are imparted in a unique way by building a super friendly teacher-student relation and at optimum prices.
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What is the need for USACO, and how does this course help children?

Computer science has ended up being one of the most well-known and important majors at a few colleges. If you’re a tall school understudy interested in computer science, programming, displaying your coding abilities, and building a strong profile that will offer assistance with college confirmations and future careers, the USA Computing Olympiad is something you ought to certainly take part in. Contact Master Ji is the best USACO preparation platform where you can register your child for advanced preparation.

What is the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)?

USACO refers to the United States of America Computing Olympiad. This course is known as the most prestigious and world-famous competitive program for high school students. Each year, the USACO brings together thousands of young software engineers from all around the world and challenges them to unravel complex programming issues that cover themes such as information structures and calculations, lattice exponentiation, double hopping, and combinatorics, to name a few.

Why should you apply for SACO?

Participating in USACO offers high school students interested in computer science important benefits. It creates programming aptitudes, cultivates basic considerations beneath weight, and plans students for coding competitions. USACO accomplishments alone do not ensure affirmation to beat colleges; in any case, blending a USACO Gold/Platinum grant with strong grades, test scores, and other computer science extracurriculars and accomplishments makes a difference. You make a solid profile that gives you a great shot at particular colleges and opens entryways to grants and career opportunities.

You ought to keep in mind that qualifying for the USACO National Camp, IOI, or EGOI is a critical accomplishment, and we accept that it makes confirmation likely for schools that esteem these olympiads, such as MIT, when combined with wonderful grades, extracurricular exercises, other grants, and solid essays.

Who is qualified for USACO?

The USA Computing Olympiad is totally free and open to everybody in the world, counting college students! USACO bronze preparation makes it very open for any potential student, but you can anticipate the challenge to be very difficult since it is also open to undergrad students. However, as pre-college students in the USA, they are qualified for choice as finalists to go to the USACO National Camp and to fight for participation in the USA IOI or EGOI group. Both the IOI and EGOI groups comprise the top-performing students at the USACO National Camp, and these students speak to the joined-together states in the Universal Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) or the European Young Ladies Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI), the most prestigious universal programming competitions. Now that we’ve secured a few foundational data points about the USACO, let’s plunge into a few of the best assets accessible to ponder for the world-renowned computing olympiad! These assets are incredible for fledglings and those who may, as of now, have involvement with competitive programming. They were chosen based on their ease of understanding, specialized thoroughness, and appropriateness for USACO challenges and other coding competitions.

Why apply at Contact Master Ji for USACO?

Contact Master Ji makes a difference by bridging that hole by creating advanced coding abilities in an exceptionally inviting and precise way. And it shuns away the question like how to prepare for usaco with its USACO online classes. Our whole syllabus is routinely upgraded with regard to trending innovations in Silicon Valley.

With an exceedingly qualified, intelligent, and experienced workforce, learning gets to be locked in and viable. We at Contact Master Ji yearn to take education to an unused benchmark where abilities are bestowed in a special way by building a super-friendly teacher-student relationship at ideal costs. Our point is to prepare the kids of this era with coding so that they can revolutionize the future world in terms of technology.

Meanwhile, if you wish to make your child ready for the USACO bronze preparation so that he or she can be prepared for future studies, visit Contact Master Ji and apply for the course right away.

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