Summer coding Bootcamps are here! Scratch, python and game making.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At MasterJi Classes we believe that every child has his own way and pace of understanding things. We are committed to embrace the different qualities your child has, and use it to teach them in a way they understand. With MasterJi Students learn by doing and not by mugging up the concepts.

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    1. Online Availability of Classes: The best thing about learning online is that you don’t need to live near a place where classes are provided. You can do the class online in a 1:1 environment from anywhere around the globe. You can select the course based on your interest and start learning.
    2. Mentors cum friends: A Teacher has a long-lasting effect on a kid’s behavior and their learning. Masterji classes have a workforce of extremely dedicated instructors who are passionate and super friendly with kids. We want to make coding fun and exciting to learn.
    3. Affordability: Often it is believed that quality education is expensive. We at MasterJi try to ensure that high-quality Stem education should not be limited to only a certain section of society but rather it is easily available to a larger section of society so that more and more people can achieve higher heights.

6 years is indeed the best age to start coding. Apart from that you can see in any field early start helps you achieve bigger goals in life.

Coding is a part of vocational education which is as important as any other skill like speaking, writing etc.  It ensures an overall development of a child’s development. Moreover parents can schedule the classes according to their timings. Masterji classes offers very flexible timing schedule so as to not disturb normal school classes

Yes. After every Level completed, students receive a certificate of completion recognizing their mastery in that level.

We understand that investing a huge sum of money without being sure whether the kid will enjoy the session or not is a difficult decision. Considering these factors we present a low cost trial month option. MasterJi offers first month (4 classes) at a nominal price of  99 $. You can book your trial month from here.

Yes you can always reschedule your class by informing us at least 2 hours prior to the class. In that case your class will be compensated and rescheduled.

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