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Level 2


Level 2: Python and Pygame Syllabus

Python can be easy to pick up whether you’re a first-time programmer or you’re experienced with other languages. Python syntax is easily readable and English-like thus making it the best language to teach to kids. 

This one-to-one course is aimed at teaching the kids what syntactical programming looks like. Towards the end of this course, the kids will be able to understand and code in Python.

Welcome to Python

○ What is Python and why are we learning it ?
○ Performing mathematical computation using Python
○ Writing your first Python Program

Writing code in Python

○ Comments in Python
○ Spacing in Python
○ Errors:

  • Syntax Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Logical Error

Talking input from the User

○ Variables and assigning value to a variable
○ Reading input from the user

Operators in Python

○ Arithmetic Operator (+,-,/,*,//,%,**)
○ Comparison Operator (>,<,>=,<=,==)
○ Logical Operator (and, or, not)
○ Assignment Operator (=)

What is Data ? and what are their types?

○ Data
○ Data Types

  •  Integer
  • String
  • Float
  • Boolean

○ Data Types Conversion

Creating animation from what we have learned till now

○ What is a Turtle Module?
○ Making Turtle screen
○ Moving Turtle around the screen

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Left
  • Right

○ Turtle Goto
○ Turtle Home
○ Drawing basic shapes:

  • Draw a line
  • Draw a square
  • Drawing a circle

○ Changing Screen Color
○ Changing Screen Title
○ Changing Turtle Shape, Size and Turtle’s Pen Size
○ Changing Turtle and Pen Color
○ Filling an Image
○ Changing the Turtle Speed
○ Picking Pen Up and Down
○ Undoing Changes
○ Clearing the Screen
○ Resetting the Environment
○ PROJECT: Making Patterns

  • Ashoka Dharma Chakra
  • Olympic Rings

Condition Statements

○ If Statement
○ If – Else Statement
○ If – Elif – Else Statement


○ For Loop
○ Break condition
○ While Loops
● Control Statements :
○ Break
○ Continue
○ Pass
● Project: Rock, Paper, Scissor
● Lists :
○ 1-D Lists
○ 2-D Lists

Project : Making a Tic-Tac-Toe Game using Lists


○ Key and Value
○ Creating a Dictionary
HomeWork Project: Make Tic-Tac-Toe using a Dictionary


○ Syntax of Function in Python
○ Modules
○ Lambda Functions
○ Recursion
Project: Making a Calculator


○ Assigning a string to a variable
○ Multiline Strings
○ Indexing
○ Some string functions

Welcome to Pygame

○ Installing Pygame Module using Command Prompt
○ What is a Pygame Module ?
○ Setting up the basic pygame window/code
○ Drawing basic shapes in pygame window:
■ Drawing a Line
■ Drawing a Circle
■ Drawing a Rectangle
○ Understanding the coordinate system of pygames
○ Learning to move basics shapes across the game window
○ Learning the mouse click and key pressed events
○ Importing images to pygame window
○ Writing text over the pygame window
Project 1 : Tic-Tac-Toe
■ Making Tic-Tac-Toe basic shape
■ Implementing the Tic-Tac-Toe logic
■ Displaying “You Won” over the pygame window
Project 2 : Car Racing Game
■ Making the car racing game window
■ Displaying hero car and enemy car using rectangles
■ Implementing the Car movement logic
■ Importing car images
■ Displaying the game score over the pygame window when
hero car hit enemy car
Project 3 : Flappy Birds
■ Making the games with basic shapes
■ Implementing the Flappy bird game logic
■ Importing the Flappy bird, pipe and background images
■ Making a play button
Project 4 : Snake Game
■ Making snake head as a small black square box and food as a
red square box
■ Making the snake move using the arrow keys
■ Implementing the logic for eating the apple
■ Making the snake grow in size using list
Project 5 : Game Menu
■ Making Game Menu window
■ Writing all game names that we want to use in Game Menu
■ Connecting all the games from game window

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