Summer Camps for Kids & Teens

Unlock the world of coding at our engaging summer camp! From Python to game development, empower your child’s creativity and critical thinking skills. Ages 8+

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    Summer coding Bootcamps!

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    Summer coding Bootcamps

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      ML Summer Camp!

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      ML Summer Camp!

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        Summer coding Bootcamps

        MIT Scratch: Daily Bootcamp

        Class 1: Making Scratchy cat move forward and turn

        Making Scratchy cat draw a square

        Making Scratchy cat draw different shapes and make different sounds

        Class 2: Making scratchy cat run on a circle again and again

        Making if else condition for Scratchy cat

        Class 3: Making a variable and storing numbers

        Adding two variables

        Class 4: Making “Space Invader” game

        Python Beginner: Daily Bootcamp

        Class 1: Intro to variables, data types and operators.

        Asking user for input in a variable

        Making an If-else condition.

        Making a simple calculating program.

        Class 2: Importing Turtle in the program

        Making turtle move up, down, left and right

        Making different shapes by moving the turtle

        Making Olympic Rings

        Class 3: Making a for loop to print numbers from 1 to 10

        Making a while loop

        Using for loop and if else conditions together in a program

        Creating a program to give grades according to marks scored.

        Class 4: Importing random module in a program

        Making a number guessing game

        Pygame Game Making : Daily Bootcamp

        Class 1: Making Basic Pygame code

        Making Square, rectangle, and circle

        Learning about RGB color codes

        Making a house using different shapes

        Class 2: Moving different Shapes

        Making a ball bounce across the game window

        Making ball move using click and key pressing

        Class 3: Making a Car game
        Class 4: Making a Car game

        ML Summer Camp

        Week 1 :

        1. Introduction : Data, Use Case, Jupyter Notebook setup, pip
        2. Python Basics : Data Types, loops, condition statements, python lists, sets and dictionaries.
        3. Python : Functions, recursion, module making
        4. Numpy : Array operations and important Functions, Indexing and Slicing, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Advance Numpy concepts (transpose, flatten, stack, split) , Linear algebra operation (matrix multiplication, eigenvectors, eigenvalues)
        5. Visualization : introduction, scatter plot, customizing plots, bar plots and histograms, pie chart, multiple plots, plotting geographic data (maps, heatmaps)
        6. Panda : DataFrame introduction, Data Manipulation with Pandas, Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

        Expert Talk : Programming, Machine Learning, Chat-GPT, AI

        Week 2 :

        1. Introduction to ML: Need, Use case, Examples, types
        2. Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, Regression, KNN, Decision Trees
        3. Working on a projects and some cool ideas
        4. Group Project (End Deadline : End of August. Regular help will be provided till the project is finished)

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          We offer comprehensive coding programs that cover Python, Scratch, game development using Pygame, and introductory data science concepts.

          Our coding programs are designed for children aged 8 and above.

          Currently, all our classes are conducted online, allowing children to learn coding from the comfort of their homes.

          Each coding class typically runs for one hour, and we offer multiple sessions per week to accommodate different schedules.

          Yes, we record all our coding classes and provide access to the recordings for both students and parents, ensuring they can review the material at their convenience.

          No prior coding experience is required. Our programs cater to beginners and are designed to introduce and build coding skills.

          Yes, we provide regular coding challenges, projects, and assessments to track your child’s progress throughout the program.

          Our instructors are experienced professionals with expertise in coding and education. They have a proven track record of teaching coding to children and undergo continuous training.