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Level 1



Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, and animations. Scratch promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills, creative teaching, and learning.


○ Moving Scratchy Cat 100 steps.
○ Turning the cat up, down, left, and right using a point in a direction.
○ Using a “turn” block to turn a scratchy cat.
○ Using multiple moves and point-in-direction blocks to make a square.
○ Using a pen to trace the path of a square drawn by a scratchy cat in the
above program.
○ In the same program, change the color of the pen to draw squares of
different colors.
○ Adding Sound to the program and changing the background.


○ Learning about repeat loop and forever loop.
○ Building a square using a repeat loop, a move block, and a turning block.
○ Changing the color of each side of the square made in the previous
program using a change pen color.
○ Using a forever loop outside of the repeat loop and changing the color
of each square drawn.
○ Concept Check: What happens when you place the change in a color
block inside the forever loop and what happens when you place that
inside the repeat loop.

Condition Statements and operators

○ Learning to use if-then statements and if-then-else.
○ Make a program to check if two numbers are equal or not. If they are
equal the cat should make a “meow” sound else it should not..
○ Making a program to find greater numbers out of two numbers. Use
the speak block to make the cat speak the greatest number. (Hint: Use
“say” block )
○ Learning to use a “ key pressed “ block to make the cat forward move
only when a key is pressed.
○ Project 1: Make the cat make a square direction when key “c” is
pressed and make Hexagon when key “a” is pressed.
(Hint: For Square Turn by 90 and for Hexagon turn by 60 )


○ What are Variables?
○ Making a variable and storing a number inside it.
○ Make 2 variables and store numbers in them. Now using the “+”
operator add the two numbers and make the cat speak the answer.
○ Learn to ask questions and save answers to a variable. Then using the
“say” block, make the scratchy cat speak the answer.
○ Make 2 variables and store numbers in them. Make the cat say the
number which is greater.
○ Make a calculator to +, – , * and / , two numbers.
○ Project 2: Learning to make a game using scratchy cats.

Basic algorithms in Scratch (Searching)

○ What is a searching Algorithm?
○ Store 10 random numbers between 10 to 100 in a list.
○ Using the ask block, ask the user to enter a number. Now Search this
number in a list. If found, make the cat speak the number.

Game Making

○ Food catching game
The task is to make a game in which a scratchy cat is the main character,
and we have to help the scratchy cat to eat food by moving the cat
using arrow keys.
○ Arrow Shooting Game
The task is to make a game in which a girl shoots an arrow. The user uses
an arrow key to shoot arrows at a moving target.

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