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In Today’s tech-savvy world, the school/college curriculum of coding is like a drop in the ocean. Most of what they are teaching is outdated and far from the practical world. Thus creating a huge gap between industrial requirements and the knowledge in your hand. MasterJi helps by bridging that gap by developing advanced coding skills in a very friendly and systematic way. Our entire syllabus is regularly updated with respect to trending technologies in silicon valley (California).

With highly qualified, interactive and experienced faculty, learning becomes engaging and effective. We at MasterJi aspire to take teaching to a new benchmark where skills are imparted in a unique way by building a super friendly teacher-student relation and at optimum prices. Our aim is to equip the kids of this generation with the tool of coding so that they can revolutionize the future world in terms of technology. 

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Our Courses

Level 1

SCRATCH Programming

Take your first step as we hold your hands and introduce you to the thrilling world of coding. MIT Scratch is a platform specially designed for kids of age 6 and above who want to start coding. Learn the ABCD of coding and start making your own games.Read More »

Level 2

Python and Pygame

Learn Python programming and apply these concepts with real life simulations. Build your own Traffic Light and Calculator. Learn to make games like Car racing, Snake, Tic-Tac-Toe , Flappy Birds and many more using Pygame.Read More »

Level 3

Explore the world of databases and learn to make system apps like Age Calculator and Rock-Paper-Scissors using Tkinter.

Learn faster languages like Java, C++, and deep dive into the programming world.Read More »

Level 4


Upgrade your skills by becoming a more advanced programmer by learning the concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms. Design algorithms and find solutions to the complex problems efficiently.Read More »

Level 5

Machine Learning Coursework

Your ultimate level of coding journey. Get introduced to the Messiah to all our problems in today’s world- Machine Learning. Get yourself equipped with the basics of ML with several hands-on exercises.Read More »

USACO Classes

USACO Syllabus

USACO stands for the USA Computing Olympiad. In the US, students
are eligible to compete in a series of math and science Olympiads that
test topics typically well beyond the standard high school curriculum.Read More »

Java AP Classes

Java AP Classes

The Java Programming course teaches students all Java skills required on the “AP Computer Science” exam. The course is for complete beginners who want to learn Java and prepare for their AP test.Read More »


Start coding with an easy-to-understand and industry-relevant programming language. Learn from scratch without any prior experience in programmingRead More »

Data Structures & Algorithms

Upgrade your skills by becoming a more advanced programmer by learning the concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms. Design algorithms and find solutions to the complex problems efficiently.Read More »

Machine Learning

Data Science and ML are used to solve the most complex problems that we are facing in today’s world. Work with your own personal mentor on various hands-on exercises and case studies using state of the art machine learning algorithms for better career opportunities and growthRead More »

Benefits of Coding for Kids

Self Paced

We adjust our classes to your learning pace so as to improve the learning curve. Classes are customized to the requirement of a particular individual for a better understanding of concepts.

Practical understanding

Understanding of any concept is incomplete without having practical knowledge. We achieve this goal by providing regular assignments and project work to our students.

Live Webinars

Regular webinars conducted by top faculties of Master Ji ensure practical understanding of concepts under the umbrella of a competitive learning environment.

Attractive fee structure

We at Master Ji are putting in extreme efforts to provide world-class education at your own doorsteps at the most reasonable price.

How do Online coding classes for kids and teens help them prepare for the future?

Here are some of the best things about the Online Coding Classes for Kids and Teens course by Contact Master Ji:

Coding improves creativity.

Creativity, inventiveness, creativity—it’s something each early teacher and parent is entirely concerned with, and however, it’s not a quality prized by most working adults.

Coding Boosts Problem-Solving Skills

Coding is, without a doubt, one of the most direct ways for children to boost their problem-solving skills.

Coding Progresses Computational Thinking

Never heard of computational thinking before? Basically, it is a department of information that includes communicating issues in a way that a computer would. Understudies who learn this way of considering are energized to break down complex issues into smaller issues, subsequently uncovering fundamental patterns.

Coding energizes persistence.

Computer science is one of the few proficient disciplines where it’s totally worthy of being near-constantly falling flat. As it were, disappointment is quickly recognizable—i.e., a program “breaks” and doesn’t work as intended—but victory actually cannot be accomplished until all mistakes are handled.

Coding makes a difference in teaching computerized literacy.

Technology encompasses us; it bolsters our work, encourages communication, empowers social networks, and maintains information about each industry in the economy. In the cutting-edge world, being able to get it and lock in with innovation isn’t a great thing to have; it’s a need for exploring a progressively digitized society. Children require innovation; in other words, they require being carefully literate.

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