Summer coding Bootcamps are here! Scratch, python and game making.
Summer Coding Bootcamps



Summer coding Bootcamps are here!

Scratch, python and game making.This year,make your vacation more productive.


MIT Scratch : Daily Bootcamp

Class 1 :

Making Scratchy cat move forward and turn

Making Scratchy cat draw a square

Making Scratchy cat draw different shapes and make different sounds

Class 2 :

Making scratchy cat run on a circle again and again

Making if else condition for Scratchy cat

Class 3 :

Making a variable and storing numbers

Adding two variables

Class 4 :

Making “Space Invader” game


Python Beginner : Daily Bootcamp

Class 1 :

Intro to variables, data types and operators.

Asking user for input in a variable

Making an If-else condition.

Making a simple calculating program.

Class 2 :

Importing Turtle in the program

Making turtle move up, down, left and right

Making different shapes by moving the turtle

Making Olympic Rings

Class 3 :

Making a for loop to print numbers from 1 to 10

Making a while loop

Using for loop and if else conditions together in a program

Creating a program to give grades according to marks scored.

Class 4 :

Importing random module in a program

Making a number guessing game


Pygame Game Making : Daily Bootcamp

Class 1 :

Making Basic Pygame code

Making Square, rectangle, and circle

Learning about RGB color codes

Making a house using different shapes

Class 2 :

Moving different Shapes

Making a ball bounce across the game window

Making ball move using click and key pressing

Class 3 :

Making a Car game

Class 4 :

Making a Car game

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