Summer coding Bootcamps are here! Scratch, python and game making.



ML Summer Camp!

Price : $449/kid ($50 off for registration before June 1st) for 2 week of classes

Mon – Friday, 10:00 – 11:30 AM PST

Week 1 :

  1. Introduction : Data, Use Case, Jupyter Notebook setup, pip (Day 1)
  2. Python Basics : Data Types, loops, condition statements, python lists, sets and dictionaries. (Day 1)
  3. Python : Functions, recursion, module making (Day 2)
  4. Numpy : Array operations and important Functions, Indexing and Slicing, Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Advance Numpy concepts (transpose, flatten, stack, split) , Linear algebra operation (matrix multiplication, eigenvectors, eigenvalues) (Day 2)
  5. Visualization : introduction, scatter plot, customizing plots, bar plots and histograms, pie chart, multiple plots, plotting geographic data (maps, heatmaps) (Day 3)
  6. Panda : DataFrame introduction, Data Manipulation with Pandas, Data Cleaning and Preprocessing (Day 4, 5 )

Expert Talk : Programming, Machine Learning, Chat-GPT, AI

Week 2 :

  1. Introduction to ML: Need, Use case, Examples, types (Day 6)
  2. Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, Regression, KNN, Decision Trees (Day 7, 8)
  3. Working on a projects and some cool ideas (Day 9, 10)
  4. Group Project (End Deadline : End of August. Regular help will be provided till the project is finished)

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